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All High Holiday Services to be Held in a Beautiful Large Open Tent at Rabbi Deb's Home.

Hebrew Wizards Community Service Events

The Torah teaches us that we have a responsibility to help those in need and that G-d asks us to perform "Mitzvot" or commandments as our obligation to each other as good Jews and as good people. Hebrew Wizards will focus strongly on community service or Tzedakah (literally, "justice") by helping people in need, helping the animals in our community, and caring for the world around us. Hebrew Wizards is committed to engaging in hands-on Tzedakah projects all year long. Our projects will be designed to assist those in our own area in immediate and effective ways.

Projects will include reading books to kids at Greenwich Hospital or preparing dinners for the children at Kids In Crisis, performing in a concert or playing games with elderly at the Sarah Neumann center, cleaning-up at a park or beach, volunteering at an animal shelter or preparing and serving food at a soup kitchen.

With your help, we hope to create projects that provide our families with direct opportunities to help those in need in the local community.

We welcome parents to participate in the planning and execution of these projects. If you are interested in leading or co-leading one of these projects, call Rabbi Deborah 203-249-4036.

Lastly, we have initiated a Foundation called "Wizards around the World" which helps Jewish children and families in 90 countries throughout the world. We are dedicated to donating 100% of all proceeds to helping these families each month, each year and forever.

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