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All High Holiday Services to be Held in a Beautiful Large Open Tent at Rabbi Deb's Home.

Original Hebrew Wizards Music

Hebrew Wizards has its first CD featuring original music that complements our Curriculum. With songs that teach us everything we need to know about being Jewish, it is music the whole family can enjoy. Our professional music staff has brought to life the songs from our heart that connect the generations.

For information on booking Hebrew Wizards educational Concert, please contact the Wizard or join us by RSVP to Deborah Salomon.

Album: Ahava Is Love
Released 2014. Parents Choice Award 2015
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Album: Time to Shine
Released 2012. Parents Choice Award 2012
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Single: Aleph Bet Rap Show Lyrics

Single: K'lal Yisrael Show Lyrics

Single: Yotzer Or Show Lyrics

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Order your very own copy of our 12 track CD "Time to Shine", for only $15, plus $3 shipping to anywhere in the world.

10% of revenue raised goes to "Wizards around the World", helping Jewish Families Worldwide.

Once funds have been received, we'll immediately ship the CD to the address provided.

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